Pirates of Penzance

May 25, 2018 - Jun 2, 2018
Gilbert and Sullivan's most popular show, The Pirates of Penzance, is a rollicking, delightfully funny tale of a band of soft-tempered pirates. Mistakenly apprenticed to a priate at the age of eight, the hansome Frederic is now 21 and, though quite fond of the priates, chooses to abandon his profession and "lead a blameless life henceforth," dedicating himself instead to their eradication. His " blameless life" collides with a gaggle of beautiful maidens (one of whom steals his heart) and their father, the eccentric Major General. Just as Frederic is poised to lead a band of lily-livered policemen to take out the Pirate King and his men, a secret is uncovered that will change his fate forever.

Disney's The Lion King JR

Jun 8, 2018 - Jun 16, 2018
The African savannah comes to life on your stage with Simba, Rafiki and an unforgettable cast of characters as they journey from Pride Rock to the jungle... and back again, in this inspiring, coming-of-age tale. Sing along to "Hakuna Matata" and "I Just Can't Wait to Be King".

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