Jan 18, 2019 - Jan 27, 2019

SYLVIA by A.R. Gurney Empty nesters, Greg and Kate have moved to Manhattan from the suburbs. Kate is looking forward to re-starting her career and the freedom to enjoy travel without children or pets. Greg is restless, tired of his job in finance and looking for meaning in his life when he finds Sylvia, a stray street-smart dog, in Central Park. As Greg’s life begins to revolve around Sylvia, Kate feels she is in competition for Greg’s attention and affection. A series of touching and hilarious complications put their marriage in jeopardy. It takes a psychologist, a dog-park encounter and a well- meaning friend to help them find their way through. Sylvia is a smart, silly and sophisticated comedy. DIRECTED BY PAT MYERS AUDITIONS: OCT. 6 & 7


But Why Bump Off Barnaby?

Mar 8, 2019 - Mar 23, 2019

BUT WHY BUMP OFF BARNABY? by Rick Abbot A long-absent member of an aristocratic family, Barnaby Folcey returns home to Marigate Manor, but it doesn’t take long before the prodigal Barnaby has become the late Barnaby. Although Barnaby had a motive to murder everyone else, none of them had a reason to want him dead. His dying clue, “B –A – R”, could implicate everyone in the manor. As the bizarre group frantically tries to unmask the murderer, people vanish, poison is found in the sherry, and the police take forever to arrive. Meanwhile, there’s a secret treasure to be found, a mystifying limerick to decode, and all sorts of doom and disaster to be avoided before the killer is finally exposed in this light- hearted murder mystery. DIRECTED B Y BOB DIETRICH AUDITIONS: NOVEMBER 11 &12


Young Frankenstein

May 10, 2019 - Jun 1, 2019

YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN Book by Mel Brooks & Thomas Meehan, Music & Lyrics by Mel Brooks In this musical spoof, respected neurosurgeon, Dr. Frederick Frankenstein has spent his life denouncing the legend of his infamous mad scientist grandfather, THE Dr. Frankenstein, even insisting his name is pronounced “Fraunk-en-teen.“ When he inherits the ancestral castle, Frederick returns to Transylvania and unexpectedly discovers his grandfather’s secret lab and diaries. The good doctor is inspired to continue where grandpa left off and with a hysterical cast of sidekicks - bug-eyed, hunchbacked Igor; beautiful lab assistant Inga; eager Inspector Kemp; crusty old housekeeper Frau Blucher and a tightly wound socialite fiancée, Elizabeth – all Dr. Frankenstein needs now is a mighty bolt of lightning to fulfill his destiny DIRECTED B Y KATHY MURDOCH AUDITIONS: JANUARY 13 & 14

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